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Yes, I want to help raise £1 million for mental health support:

You can help by taking part in our exercise campaign, The 365 Challenge UK, by spreading awareness of how exercise can improve our mental well-being!

Unfortunately, due to the financial restrictions on the NHS, less and less people are able to receive mental health treatment. As a result, we are raising funds to become a new charity - The 365 Challenge UK. Our aim is to help alleviate this problem by creating a pool of £1 million to offer immediate treatment from trained professionals to anyone suffering from mental health issues!

What do I have to do?

All you have to do is film or photograph yourself doing any form of exercise and share it on your social media using the hashtag - #The365Challenge 


We do ask for a minimum entry fee towards The 365 Challenge UK of only £15 and in return, you get your very own 365 Challenge T-Shirt to wear in your videos/pics!


We will also be selling more clothing online to help raise funds towards our charity (contact the office on 07985 991773 to buy merchandise):


polo shirtPolo Shirt - £30


sweatshirtSweat Shirt - £50


hoodieHoodie - £60


To get involved in The 365 Challenge exercise campaign please download and fill in the form below, then email the completed form to david@the365challenge.org.uk:


  Download the commitment form